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Got in from a great night with my big sister and good day with her and just thought that it was time to check up on the olympic score, completely buzzing! Carl Hester and Uthopia is currently in first place with a score of 77.720 completely amazing in second place is also another Team GBR Laura Bechtolsheime and Mistral Hojris (slightly paculiar name if you ask me) with a score 76.839, to say this the first day of Dressage I am So excited, hopefully we will manage a gold medal! Not getting my hopes up, because you never know what is going to happen next! But is a good start for us in the UK.  Denmark is running in second followed by Spain in third. Between second and first percentage wise there a space of 5% woop woop. So who knows what tomorrow will bring. Can't wait to see or hear that. For those of you that want to see Charlotte on Valegro she will be doing her test at 14:10. I will be at broomfield at this time so I will have to catch up on that.

Tomorrow is the day! I am going back to broomfield so will finally have something horse related for you all that I am actually doing not that has been on tv or a mates done or I have read about it. It might just be telling you about who I turned out mucked out that type of thing but it will be better than nothing! 

Now on to my favourite part of today here's the pictures of my new curtains and some photos from the night with my big sister, baby nephew and big brother :') xx

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