Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Today I have chosen to use my riding pictures that my mum has spent taking for me over the years, and tell you a bit about each photo, I'm not sure how many photo's I intend to do at the start of this post but I will warn you all in advance that this could possibly be a long post with plenty of pictures of all the horses that I have the pleasure to ride, this will very from horse's that I have rode when I was young to horses that I still ride to this day like Jake.

Also to let you all know I will be posting pictures of some of my textiles work tomorrow so you can all let me know what you think and you can see what I have spent my time doing so far this summer holiday. Right on to the main part of my post PHOTOGRAPHS!

  First off is Gatsby, Gatsby is a horse that I have been riding since the beginning of January but that I have instantly fallen in love with and have been riding him ever since, this was the week before my last lesson when we were working on jumping a corse and making the right lines to the right jumps. Gatsby has brought my confidence on so much and is a horse that I hope to keep riding for a long time and get much more pleasure out of just like I have done with my jakey boo.
 Meet little lucy she lives at parkside stables and is one of the school horses, I have only rode Little Lucy a few times but the few times that I have rode her she has been rather enjoyable in this picture we were working on extending either walk or trot but from the position that I am I would assume that I was just doing in to trot. When on the ground lucy is a nightmare to control and she lashes out on everybody.
 This is Big T also known as tobias, he is now a old horse and no longer jumps anymore, but this picture is one of the last pictures that there is of Tobias being jumped in his later days, I later found out that I was the last person to ever jump him. He is an ex dressage horse, and is extremely good at what he does best, he is also the first horse to ever walk on to broomfield college's yard when it first opened. Tobias has built my confidence off so much and to be honest if I hadn't spent weeks riding him I do not think that I would be where I am now.
 You all know about Jakey boo and this picture but I love it so I put it in anyway Jakey boo I love you!
Meet wally, this horse gets on my nerves so much but in his own way he is a good horse to learn to ride on because he teaches you that you need to be persistent, that you can't just kick a horse and he will go. He is hard work, and damn annoying but is a great horse to learn on. I can say that I am rather happy to be riding him no more, but you never know in the future one day I might go back to riding the little guy. This picture is another last as it was taken last year in the summer and was the last time that I rode wally to this day. I really like it because it's a rare picture where he is actually paying attention and got his ears forward.
 Now you all know about Thomas I think if not head over to the 'Horses I ride' page, and take a look to find out more about him. This is another picture that was taken last summer however this picture was taken at Broomfield College and was one of the lessons that Nikki gave me because I was helping her out over the summer! Thomas is an ex hunter. He is great fun to jump even though he gets super excited at times! 

Well my arm's hurting so cant type anymore but I will make sure to post tomorow 

Until then 

A Girl With A Dream 


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