photographs :)

Lining him up with the mountain block (he's too big for me to get on off the ground)

Trying to figure out if my stirrups are right or too long!

Pulling my girth up

and again.

Jerry thinking 'it is far to hot to do work but your making me'.

and again.

Having a leisurely hack around the park with the group.

Jerry making little Tom look even smaller than normal.

Confused look but loved this horse. 

So finally taken the time to upload the pictures now that my mum has put them on her laptop so that I could nick them. He looks big and when I first got on him I though wow this is a long way to fall down, but then when we started walking and I got used to the size of him I wasn't as bothered. I also found that cause of his size it was a lot easier and you could feel the Diagonal without having to look down.

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