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Today my mum took me, my brother, and my brothers girl friend to one of my all time favourite places in the UK possibly even the world coming in second place to anywhere that is horse related! I took loads of pictures (mainly in black and white) and have not yet put them on my computer! But when I do I'll make sure that I put some of the best ones up so you can hopefully tell why I want to become a photographer,  however I would like to be a photographer that focus on photographing horses, as these will always be my main passion.

As I am writing this post I am thinking about to things, the first thing is a book that I read called the 'One Dollar Horse'  and secondly 'Jennifer Saunders - back in the saddle'. The book 'One Dollar Horse' is a really good story and I suggest to anyone that is horse crazy and just wants something different to read to try reading this book it will be a series of three but unfortunately neither of the other two have come out yet :( BUT when they do I will make sure to read them. A brief summary of the book is that they are about a girl, who loves horses and has always wanted her own, and one day when shes out with her dad she walks past a horse slaughter house and sees this horse extremely upset, and in distress so pays the owners of the slaughter house one dollar to buy the horse. Once she gets it she then puts him through immediate vet assessments, which lead to him needing a lot of medication, she then trains this horse to become an eventing horses, and it ends on her competing in one of the must do shows for eventer's and she ended up winning it! 

Now on to my second thing on my mind, the T.V. show 'Jennifer Saunders - Back in The Saddle' the show started last week and is about Jennifer aiming towards a goal of competing again and riding again like she used to when she was a little girl. The first show, showed us her finding the perfect horse for, and this happens to be a horse called Jack. This week she shows us her training towards entering the Badminton horse trials. Unfortunately it ended up getting cancelled because of the rain that we had early in the year. So now she has headed down to Norfolk and is entering a show there! I strongly recommended to anyone that can watching this programme its on ITV 1 at 9:00pm and is an hour long but it is really good! I like it because it gives me the confidence that if she can do it when shes had years and years off that anyone can do whatever they want if they believe enough. So it's made me believe more now than ever that because I believe so strongly that I'll get my own horse that one day in the future I will get my own horse.  

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