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So yesterday my mum took me to the zoo, as well as my little brother and his girlfriend. We went to twycross Zoo which happens to be one of the most famous zoo's in the uk mainly though for it's monkeys, because for those of you that know the Tetley (not sure how you spell it) Tea adverts, the chimpanzee's that were used in the adverts now live at Twycross. It's my favourite zoo because I have been going there since I was a little kid and although they do not include the big cats its a lovely place to go, and last time that I went there it was February and snowing but it was still nice! Unfortunately there was a lot of work going on, they were building a new penguin cove, and penguin walk way, so that they could move around whenever they want to and will have a lot more space than they normally do! They are also building an area for Tigers, Lions, Hyena's and Dholes, not really sure what they are. 

But as I am interested in doing photography mainly to do with animals, but specifically horses, I thought that I would share with you the pictures that I took yesterday! These pictures will all be in black and white as this is my favourite colour to shoot in, however I do also like the idea of using Sepia (brown colours) in my photography as well but this is something that I will have to work towards and maybe one day will manage to do.

Soon I will be back to riding on my part time course on a Saturday Morning at Broomfield but until I can go back to riding, I hope to be able to take some photo's of animals, and horses, that are in the field's locally to wear I live because then I can practice photographing how horse's move, different settings and things like that!

Well thats all for now, so its time for the pictures 

I chose to show you this picture because I really like that you can see the expression on the Silver Back Gorilla's face and also the fact that the picture goes back in several different layers making it look a lot more dimensional.
This one was chosen because I like all the little details that you can see, and also, that the otter is in the centre of the image so your eye is drawn to it even though there is a lot going on in this picture.
I just love the simplicity of this picture.
I chose to show you all this picture for several different reasons, the first reason are that giraffes are my mums favourite at the zoo along with the elephants, But also because this picture goes from jet black through to crisp white.
I just like tha this picture is the reverse to most of the other pictures because on this one the giraffe is the palest part and the surrounding are darker.

Last time that me and mum went to Twycross Zoo we spent hours trying to get a picture of this leopard and this time I managed it so that's why I chose this picture.
This picture was chosen for the same reason as the picture above.
I just like penguins. I like the reflection in this picture all though next time I would like to be able to see more of the reflection, I also like that the white of the penguin really stands out so your eye is drawn to the main focus of the photograph the penguin, which also happens to be in the centre of this image, this was however a coincidence and not planned, but I think it is a coincidence that has worked out well!
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  1. Awesome photos of all the animals. It sounds like a fun trip.

  2. It was really good, I really enjoyed it. Thankyou for the compliment on my photo's.


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