Monday, 3 September 2012
Hi everyone

sorry its been a few days, but tonight is not going to be a long post as I am too tired, but tomorrow I will fill you in on everything that has been going on and I can tell you all now that its not been alot! But y'all will have to wait and see until tomorrow.

I haven't updated the past couple of days as I have found myself truly fascinated by the true blood books which I saw when I was on a trip to manchester with my mum.  But ill tell you more about them tomorrow I can just say boy are they good books.  There's nine and in two day's I am now on to the second one,  anyone thinking nine books in nine days? Will be like the fifty shades of grey books, i read all three of them in three days they were just that good!

But more about that tomorrow

A Girl With A Dream


  1. Wolfie said...:

    I have heard that they are really good.

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