bad news

unfortunately i can't tell you about my riding lesson as i did not have one! Me, my mum and dad went up and got told the lesson had been cancelled because a pony that fiona had, had for a long time has been put to sleep this morning! :( this has also give me a bit more respect for because as my mum says it shows just how much she cares about each individual animal and doesnt think of thme as a job

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  1. Oh no! I could only imagine what it would feel like if something happened to one of my horses and they needed to be put down.

    Sorry you missed out on your lesson though.

  2. I dont know how she managed it the horse had been ill for a long time, and had really bad colic yesterday morning. just hoping fiona (my riding teacher) is going to be okay!

    theres always next week to ride :'D


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