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Wednesday, 7 November 2012
hey everyone as promised after I updated my blog last time I said I was going to put some pictures up so here they are, hopefully you'll all be able to see how much better Gatsby looks now than he used to look.

Gatsby looking all shiny, this horse is a miracle worker, the first time I rode him was in the pitch black, cold, freezing my butt off in Broomfields new indoor school, and we did a dressage competition together. From the first time I rode him I knew that he was doing to be a horse that I get on with, and now here we are 7-8 months later and I'm still riding him, I even changed schools to ride with him. I trust this horse 100%

Cleaning his muddy legs so hes all shiny everywhere.

Stroking Gatsby he has one ear forward and the other back, he really doesnt like people near his face and his ears, but he trusts me not to hurt him and I never will.

Gatsby is the Centre of attention :') Looking good

'Real Amber don't you have enough pics of me' he was being mardy because I was trying to get the mud out of his main and it didn't want to come out :(.

I just LOVE this picture!

Trotting with a Gatsby, just need to work on getting my leg to stay in the right place, I will get there eventually.

My riding teacher showing us how to get a horse to work in an outline something I had never done until riding where I ride now, and while it's one of the hardest thing to get your head around. I think eventually I'll figure it out.  

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  1. Gatsby is gorgeous!!!! Black is my favorite color in horses and I have a soft spot for horses like him with a star and snip. I used to ride a horse that looked just like him and I still miss him! What breed is he?

  1. Awww thank you :D The first time I saw him at broomfield i was like OMG he's so pretty and then they said I could ride him and i was just buzzing. awwww i know what you mean. He's an Irish Draught, and is 16.3hh I think. He's loads of fun to work with :) xx

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