Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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1st December - Riding Gatsby

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I can always say that when I ride Gatsby it is never boring, and we always manage to have fun well yesterday was no different I got there at half past to tack him up and loved to see that he had been clipped, he looked amazing and so handsome, but was grumpy to say the after being sedated to be clipped on Friday. He had his face done like a blanket clip and then all his body clipped just leaving his legs and had his feathers trimmed. He looked supers smart. I groomed him up and tacked him up, then Elaine said that he would need an exercise sheet on.

We started warming up and did pole work, well the minute that Gatsby noticed the pole that was it he was so excited as it is something that he loves to do! Eventually we calmed him down and got him relaxed going over the pole, then when asking him to go in canter he decided hed jump the pole (it was flat on the ground) buck and then run as fast as he could. We then decided that we would calm him down and do some sitting trot work and then try cantering again this time it was much calmer when we picked up canter but he didn't want to stay in canter. We ended up taking the exercise sheet off him because it was aggravating him, poor guy got a little bit cold after that! Then we tried again and he was still super excited we put it down to the fact that he had been clipped the day before and was still grumpy and not happy to have been clipped, but there was also something aggravating him as i could see his muscles none stop twitching almost like when a fly is aggravating him. After we had him calm and his head in a relaxed position we then started doing some three loop serpentines (still in sitting trot)

Okay so now heres a few pictures for you.

 The rest of these photos are taken after Gatsby decided that he didn't like the exercise sheet and that it would be more fun to just jump over the pole and run as fast as he can do, can't say that I blam him as it has been a while since he has been jumped. Fiona got to keep the rug and Gatsby was made to calm down and chill out.

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