A Lesson From A Horse.

The other Day i was reading a post called 'Because of a horse' on The Equine Experience Blog and thought that it was something that I would do because over the years I have learnt a lot from different horses, and I could probably say that without my riding I would not be the same person that I am now and I thank every single horse that I have rode even those that at times I've hated riding. So here goes these are the things that I have learnt 'Because of a horse' 

  1. Because of a horse I've broke more bones than I would have and damaged more ligaments, but the pain has been eased by just being able to groom or stroke these beautiful creatures even when I couldn't ride.
  2. Because of a horse, I have more bookmarks than I can count on firefox and the majority of them are to do with anything horse related.
  3. Because of a horse, I have improved my balance and to a certain point worked through the pain barrier of my stomach and gone from not being able to do any sports to riding every weekend, and become more active. 
  4. Because of a horse, I can say that I have a team mate that is so much bigger and more powerful than me but I know that with the right riding we can work as a team and NOT two separate objects.
  5. Because of a horse, I know that when I get nervous other people will around me but most importantly that the horse who trusts me will get nervous too. 
  6. Because of a horse, I know what it's like to truly love something else whether it be Gatsby or Jake. 
  7. Because of a horse, I've learnt that when I am riding not to give in to my problems but to be patient and persist and by doing so I can over come problems that at one point where huge to me. 
  8. Because of a horse, I've learnt what it feels like to repeatedly hit the floor when he gets nervous and I panick.
  9. Because of a horse, I know that they put trust in us and we trust them and without that bond you will never get the true magical feeling of riding. 
  10. Because of a horse, I have more confidence than I used to.
  11. But most importantly Because of a horse, I have found a hobby i love more than anything, a sport I could spend hours working to improve, I have a best friend in an animal that is 10x my size, but most of all I have had endless hours of fun and a horse I can honestly say I trust my life with. 
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  1. Very nice post, it's always good to remember what they have given us, good and bad and in between.

  2. Thank you :), I just thought so many times I ride and probably take it for Granted how much my horse trusts people to ride him x

  3. Great post! They do teach us so much!

  4. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


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