Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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A year gone by and time for a new one to begin.

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Well all I have seen over the blogosphere recently was 'a year in review and goals for 2013' posts so I thought why not and decided that I might as well do one, but most of you will already know what this year has been like! I am going to do this in a month by month format and will try and add pictures for you all too!

Nothing much really happened this month I went back to riding at Broomfield and had a few eventful rides on Arthur, I didn't fall off but we had our fair share of arguements because he decided that he didn't like the top end of the school, it also bought on our fair share of cold winter nights, and many nights on Thomas jumping him and then wrapping him up warm in his Duvet and rugs! 
This month was the first month that I got to ride Gatsby, I had seen him one weekend when I had gone up to visit some of the other horses and decided that I really liked the look of him and wanted to ride him, mum asked Steph (who taught me) if I could ride him and the next week that I went up I was riding Gatsby.
First time ever sitting on Gatsby, the one week that I didn't take a camera so it looks blurry cause was taken on my mums phone
This bought on the first time I jumped Gatsby, and the time I jumped him was the second lesson of being on him. It was fun and I enjoyed it, but jumping just wasn't my thing. However my confidence soon grew after Gatsby taught me how to follow his stride and actually work with a horse. The hardest struggle this month was working on working with the horse and becoming one when jumping NOT being two different people.
First time jumping Gatsby, as you can tell he loves jumping and got super excited about it however after this picture was taken i didn't land with him and lost balance but I stayed on!
The month of my birthday yay! Also the first month where I started to become ill I spent the majority of the month not being able to eat properly and being sick, however I kept riding each weekend because that was my thing to do, it was the thing that I enjoyed the most and there was FINALLY light nights again! 
May bought the fall of Arthur, missing the competition and a pause off riding, but it also bought having my hair dyed again and a week at centre parcs with some friends, which was fun and enjoyable. But I missed riding and wasn't allowed to do it til the end of the month! It also bought exams, during which I got a U in my textiles because the majority of it I wrote with a broken hand cause my teachers thought I should I disagreed! This time also bought the end of my textiles coursework!
Cuddles with Gatsby! Even when I couldn't ride I went up to see him and he looked so confused as if to say 'why the hell aren't you riding me and whats that thing on your hand' you can't see it but on my other hand was my splint.

Last riding month at broomfield, I got back on and never rode Arthur for the entire month, even when I should have I said NO and that I didn't want to ride him, I didn't trust him, and several other adults agreed with me that he is a crazy horse! 
It was during July that I did my first ever cross country jumping and somehow we managed to do it in the indoor school but apparently it was still cross country because it was jumping cross country jumps or something like that. This was also my last ever ride on Gatsby at broomfield. At the end of July I was admitted in to hospital and I spent the majority of the holidays doing nothing but looking at different horse things!

Bought the last ride at Broomfield to this day. Then bought riding at a new riding school in west Hallam back riding Gatsby, it's taken a while to get used to riding there as it is a dressage rider thats teaching me and it's something I am working hard at to help me but also help Gatsby to improve! 

Bought much the same as september did lots of fun rides and work on my A Levels it also bought the first of my interviews at Uni which I easily got a place at and was quite shocked when in the end I got a place at all of them! 

More fun riding times on Gatsby, but not such a fun time for Jaimie-leigh when she fell off. She later found out that she could have been paralised from the waist down after the accident but luckily wasn't. She got back on the next week and did really well. I also worked really hard on getting Gatsby in to an outline and think that I have succeed.
Riding Gatsby in the rain, was fun and wit his ears forwarded he seemed to be really enjoying it!
So from me and Gatsby a Happy new year to you all, and tomorrow I will update what my goals are for 2013! 

Until Next Time 
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