Gatsby's story part one

I know that I already posted today but I wanted to post about the first time that I ever met Gatsby, it was a friday and I had got time off school so after shopping mum took me up to broomfield college, I'd only wanted to see Tobias but when I was stroking him there was this gorgeous black horse tied up eating hay and kicking the side of the wall. The next time I went up I got a picture with Gatsby which I am so gutted about but unfortunately I haven't got anymore so gutted about that. That was when I decided that I wanted to ride him. My mum asked steph if i could ride Gatsby and the next week I got to ride him to say I was buzzing was an understatement.

I got on him and I haven't looked back since. The first time I rode him we were doing a dressage test that I hadn't practiced, didn't know and was trying to remember, I could just feel the gorgeous trot and nice even canter that Gatsby had. we came 4th in that test and I honestly think that if it wasn't for Gatsby I wouldn't have done that well. 

Then the week after I got to jump him I was buzzing I could just feel by the way he moved that he was going to love jumping and boy did he. I had to get used to the fact that with Gatsby you can't predict when he's going to take off and a lot of the time he takes off before he is supposed to but once I knew this it was something that I could work with something that I got used to. I got used to his willing to work nature, but this jumping lesson in particular is one that til the end of the day will always make me laugh we went to jump over the jump but Gatsby got excited and took off earlier, I landed oddly and lost my stirrup and Gatsby just kept cantering so I kept going with him while trying to find my stirrup when he stood still and stopped I don't think that I have ever laughed so much in my entire laugh. 

Here's the two pictures from the first time I rode a horse that I don't think I could live without! 

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  1. How cool :) You guys make a great team.

  2. Thank you. We have our moments when we don't see eye to eye but I wouldn't change him for anything :D

  3. You look awesome in that horse. Gatsby looks steady and calm. Looks like he's so confident to do his job.

  4. Thank you :) he is pretty relaxed and chilled out, he loves what hes doing and hes given me so much confidence


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