Nails done, hair washed and curled up in bed!

Well tomorrow I have got another university appointment except this one is going to be lasting all day so the decision is that I am taking my laptop with me as I could be waiting for ages to do an interview. As the interviews start at 2:00pm and go on to 5pm and we don't know whether or not I will be in the early part or the afternoon or what time, I have a feeling though that it will be towards the end of the day as my last name begins with a 'w' and I am going to assume that it will be done in alphabetical order, but that is the best guess that I have got.

To get ready for tomorrow I had my nails done during lunch time and I love them, I had them done with Acrylic Extensions. Then i had a purple coloured tips with three white lines across the purple and the rest of the nail plain and natural there are pictures and I will put them at the end of this post. I just love having false nails, I think for me they are a confidence giver. By the way by the end of this post my arms are going to really really ache because I am trying to sit up in bed and type while practicing keeping my elbows tucked in to improve my riding its something at the minute that I keep doing until I can keep them there without thinking about it. I think that if I can get in to the habit of doing this in my every day life then it is something I might be able to do easier when I am riding!

Well yesterday I started looking at Nikon Camera's to get a good feel for them as if I take the place at Staffordshire University I will need a Nikon camera as then I can borrow the lenses and they will fit to my camera. At the minute the two that I am looking at is the Nikon D3200 and the Nikon 1 J2, I really like the second one for many different reasons the first being that it is pink and as you all probably know if I could be addicted to the colour pink I think we could safely say that I am!

Okay so Above is the Nikon 1 J2 and I made sure that the pink one is the one that I got the picture of because if I did get this one it would be in this colour. So the plus things about this camera are it's pink, it is compact so would be lightweight but while being compact it also comes with a wide variety of different lenses that you can use with this camera.  You can also buy an adapter so that you can  lenses from a different range with this camera. It has a high speed continuous shooting, motion snapshot and the smart photo selector. It also comes with a mode that allows you to apply selective colouring. The megapixels for this camera are 10.1million. It also has HD movie shooting as well as an ISO speed range from 100-3200. From currys this costs £399.

This is the Nikon D3200, if i was to buy this camera I would buy it in red as I sometimes find that black on it's own can be a little bit boring. Whereas I think this still looks professional. Comes with the Nikon F mounts meaning that you can use the AF lenses (which are the same lenses that you could use with the Nikon 1 Adapter). So this camera comes with 24.7 Million megapixels so it is higher than both the one and the Canon camera that I currently have. From Curries this costs £429.99. So it is more expensive than the other camera but that is to be expected. I like both these camera's and I am waiting for an email from a university lecturer about what he thinks of the Nikon 1. I'll let you know when I know. 

Done nails I love them, I love my local nail bar L.A.Nails in Derby they always do a really good and professional look, they give you the right look for whatever you want. Whether it's an interview, a holiday or just a christmas party

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  1. Love that camera....and your nails. I can't do falsies anymore because they always come off when I ride...sigh.

  2. Good luck! The red camera looks very sharp!

  3. Thank you guys, I love my false nails always have done, think they give me more confidence, i have to be careful that Gatsby doesn't break them though.

    Thanks Me, I do love the red camera!


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