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To start with I want to say hello to all my new followers and thank you for following my blog, I hope that you enjoy what I post and if there is something that you want to see more of just let me know and I will try and include it into my blog. Whether it be more pictures, product reviews or things that I have learned over the years. 

Tomorrow I get to see Gatsby, the highlight of my week is my riding time, no matter how bad a week or good a week I have, I always look forward to my riding times and after last week I can't wait even more. Sure he had his issues after last week being sedated and we all wish there could have been a way to clip Gatsby without sedating him, Fiona tried everything and unfortunately it was a last resort that we had to take. But as Fiona said last week during my lesson Gatsby doing what he did just shows that he has a personality and isn't just a riding school that does what all the other riding school horses do. I didn't mind it one bit in fact I could say that part of me 100% loved it! I will have pictures and information about my lesson for all of you tomorrow. You'll be the first people to know whether Gatsby was naughty or nice during the festive season.

I was also wondering what pole exercises people have done with their horses as when I get my own horse this is something that I would like to include in my work as it makes it a bit more interesting for the horse to do. One exercise that I have done was where you put four pulls out forming a circle shape then in each 'quarter of the circle' you had to count how many walk strides and make sure that there was the same amount in each quarter. You had do this in the walk, trot and then the canter. It was a exercise that I really enjoyed doing and I was wondering if any of you had tried it? Or if you had any fresh ideas that I could try it? 

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about it.
    There are lots of pole exercises in the book "101 jumping exercises for the horse and rider".

  2. Thanks Ruffles :)
    I'll have to look at buying that book cause I have a couple out of the series of the '101... Exercises' so will look in to buying it xx


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