2nd Day of the new year.

Well so far this year there hasn't been any riding yet but on Friday I am going to be doing an own a pony day on my favourite horse of all time Gatsby!  I have no idea what we will be doing but I plan on taking my camera with me so that anything I can photograph and mark the start of a new riding year and then on saturday i get to ride him again, and knowing how hard Fiona likes to push me I think we can safely say that by the end of the second day I'm going to be aching because I am only used to riding once a week. However sooner or later I'm going to have to get my body used to riding more than just for an hour on a Saturday and as weird as it is going to sound I can't wait for the hard work! It's going to be tough and a challenge for me with my stomach but to me it will be 100% worth it! 

So Today I have spent some time reading my horse magazine that I get a subscription to and spent some time on my laptop as well as finally doing some work on my final piece, I have now finished all the black and white pencil part of my picture and then tomorrow I am going to do the pencil crayon colourful part of the picture and then other than maybe some lace print in the background my final piece will be done and I will post a picture for you all to see so I can get your opinions! I have also spent some time working on my A2 Art Journal that is part of the course and is compulsory, we have to write about our personal project why we chose it and the process that we have been through, it is 2000 words and so far I have got roughly 900 words, so only another thousand words to go!

I have also made my Final university choices today and sent off my replies to UCAS! On UCAS you have to make a firm choice and an insurance choice and then you decline the other universities that offer you a place. So my Obvious Firm Choice was Derby University, this is literally 5 miles from where I live, allowing me to live at home, be close to my riding and close to, (when I have my own horse) my horse. These were all things that I needed to think about both when applying to different universities but also when making my Final choice. When I got the offer my mum let Laurie one of the guys who works on that course but is currently off poorly know that I had been accepted and he was happy and looked forward to working with me as I had the drive that I needed to do well. I then put my Insurance choice as Staffordshire university to do Photojournalism, as they were such lovely people and it is a place that I would have liked to go however it was further away and I had already fall in love and made my mind up that I wanted to go to Derby. Then I declined the offers that I got from DeMontford at Leicester and the other course at Derby as the people on that course and the course content in general just wasn't for me.

Well Thats all from me for now, at least I think it is, I'll probably think of something later that I could of put in that I will put in tomorrow. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream


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