I was just looking on my blog stats and so far today  I have had 113 pageviews today this is the most that I have ever had! So i just want to say thank you everyone for taking the time to look at my blog!

Now on to some important noise that I missed out of my post about my 'own a pony day', while i was mucking out Gatsby's stable Fiona came to talk to me and I started to ask her questions about owning my own horse. The first I asked was If when the time was right and I went to look at a horse would she mind coming with me and the answer was that she would be happy too. She asked about what type of horse I wanted was it a Gelding or a Mare. Well the majority of you will know I am a gelding fan so that is what I picked, and what breed was a looking at wanting and I said an Irish Sports Horse. Fiona then said that closer to the time she would be happy to help me and would look around and be able to find me one as she had lots of different contacts. I was so excited my next question was if I was to manage to get a horse this year was I going to be able to keep it at West Hallam Riding Centre. Fiona's answer was probably as she was hoping to have more stables built so there would be more room to keep another horse. 

In yesterdays post you all heard about Vettie Fiona's Grand Prix horse. Well yesterday was the first day that she had rode him in a week as she had been waiting for blood test results. Yesterday the blood test results came back clear. However Fiona noticed that Vettie was drinking excessive amounts of water, and wondered if he had cushings, which Vettie wasn't tested for because it was a different test and costs more and the vet did not want to do it. Fiona is going to keep an eye on Vettie and see how things go. When I know things I will also let all you guys know. 

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A Girl With A Dream.


  1. Awesome news, it would be great for you to be able to keep your horse there.

  2. It would deffo be the ideal situation for me. :)

  3. I hope Vettie doesn't have cushings :(

  4. I would love an Irish horse too!

  5. Bebe - I love them I think they are soo cute!

    L.Williams - I'll let you know how things go, its only a thought that Fiona and Elaine have but I'll let you guys know as I know x


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