Just as you think things are getting better they prove not to be.

On Sunday in the Early hours of the morning my nan took another fall, while she was trying to go to the toilet, (she has an en suite so it wasn't a long way for her to walk but she went all dizzy and then fell), and as she has a small compact bathroom she hit her head on the side of the bath. Today we had the Doctor out to see her and he was worried with the fact that her blood pressure drops so low when she stands up and when following the doctors finger when looking to the right her eye was jerking side ways but not to the left. So he said he wanted her to go in to a Day case unit and have a whole load of tests including a brain scan, blood tests and chest x-rays. He wrote a cover note/letter and my Uncle took my nan to the doctors. While she was there she had an ECG, blood tests and chest x-rays but no brain scan which was the most important one that she needed. They then told her that her blood pressure was fine but it was her heart that they were worried about. She never had a brain scan as there was 'no reason for neurological investigations', which makes no sense to anyone in our family because this is the one that Dr Reagan wanted her to have the most. She's come home tonight but has got to go back in at some point next week I think. So today, because I wasn't in school I have been attempting to help my mum to look after my nan and get the things done that she needs to get done. 

I also went with my Mum, (whilst Nan was in hospital) to a Saddlery that I love, and bought some new Chaps because my faithful 5 year old chaps decided that the strap wanted to snap on them that goes under the boot, so I have bought some chocolate brown, fur lined, Loveson half chaps, I've never had loveson chaps before but will be doing a product review at some point in the next week about whether I like them, if they are comfy and if they are good to ride in. Has anyone else had these half chaps?

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  1. Oh no! Hope your nan gets good news at the doctor next week and feels befter

  2. Sorry to hear about your Nan's falling again. I am also surprised they didn't do a head CT (scan) but I have seen many doctors overlook such an important test. Hope she has no lasting repercussions
    from her injuries. I am interested to see a pic of your new chaps with a fur lining.

  3. So sorry about your Nan's fall. I hope she recovers fully.

    You half chaps sound luxurious. I've never seen ones that are fur lined.

  4. I'm sorry about your nan. My grandpa has been having issues with balance too.... they didn't do a CT at first but when they finally did they discovered he'd had a mini stroke. He's fine from the stroke now, but he is having kidney issues. It's been tough lately so I totally understand how you're feeling. Hang in there. Our grandparents are tougher than we think. :D

  5. So sorry to hear about your nan. Fingers crossed she improves and gets better soon.

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts! It's a shock but I'm having the week off school and going to help my mum to look after her, so that mum and my uncle can do the shopping on Friday and then I can stay in with nan. x


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