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Tuesday, 12 February 2013
It seems to be that I am getting some good luck at the moment. As you all know I did an 'own a pony day' with Gatsby just after Christmas, then last Saturday I found out they were doing the pony club events but that there was also another 'own a pony day' over half term. Since Saturday I have been debating whether I wanted to do it or not, or more to the point, whether I could find a sensible reason for spending more money that I need to be saving up for my own horse! I eventually decided to ask my Nan if she will pay for part of the 'own a pony day' while I paid for the other part, this meant that I would pay the £10 deposit this Saturday to secure me a place, my Nan would then pay for the other £25 making it so that I could do the own a pony day! This means that my half term will be full of horse activities. 

The first Saturday I have my grooming time and lesson with Gatsby, the plan is to build up working on my Canter work, so that slowly but surely I have longer sections of good, controlled canter work. Monday I then plan to go up to help Elaine/Fiona this will involve mucking horses out, feeding them and maybe getting to ride Gatsby too, as Fiona has said that the hard work I do 'will be rewarded'. I'm not scared of hard work and I love horses so this is something that I think I will learn a lot from but that I will also be able to use to build my confidence and means I'll also be able to learn more about my favourite animal! I then might go up during the middle of the week to help out again. Friday I have my own a pony day, and then Saturday I have my grooming time and lesson with Gatsby, this lesson I plan to do some pole work and canter work, that's just a thought at the moment so it might all chance.

Today was my first day back in school since being ill and getting pains in my throat. My first lesson was 'personal development' this is basically form time (40 minutes) where I get to work on the things that I think need the most work, unfortunately for me this is Art, so instead I spent sometime on the internet looking at blogger. I then had English, this is a subject that I have always really liked, I'm definitely more of an English Girl than Maths, for some reason Maths just doesn't make sense to me. In English we were looking at Paradise Lost, and made some notes about the downfall of Eve and her eating the forbidden Fruit. I finally had Art, this was something that I was nervous about but also really looking forward to, I hadn't seen my Art teacher since deciding on the theme that I wanted to do, so wasn't entirely sure about how he was going to act. He didn't ask me anything for the first hour he pretty much was only their for roughly 10 minutes. During this time I did rough an A1 Ink paintings of a dress, I wasn't 100% happy with it but it was something that I can come back to and improve. I then decided that for the 2nd hour I was going to do observational work, I did the majority of an A4 painting, and Mr Davies found time during this hour to look at my work! He didn't pass any comments about how much I'd done, the quality, nothing! It annoyed me but I'm assuming this means that he likes my art work and thinks I've made a good choice. 

Does anyone else have the problem of not understanding their teachers?

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  1. Ruffles said...:

    I cant wait to hear about all these horsey activities. How exciting.

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