Naughty Gatsby

Today there will be two posts for all my lovely followers to read the first one is based on this morning and the second one will be based around the riding that I do in the afternoon and boy is that horse going to have to work hard!

This morning I was up at the yard for 8:30 we started working sweeping the yard and then we were mucking out stables we did Fiona's four horses including her competition horse to start with and then I moved on to doing Rascals, Solomans and Gatsbys stables, and I'm sure Gatsby knew I was coming so thought he would be a pain and make his stable a million times worse than normal. I also learnt how to weight haylage when putting it in Gatsby's stable which I loved learning how to do it as never have I had to do it before. Then we had a really nice warm cup of tea to warm us up as were just a little bit chilly. Then it was time to bring in the horses and they were crazy today, the first horses that we were bringing in were Soloman and Romeo well they got told off for charging at us and not wanting to stop. Then when we came to bring little Rosie in she had got herself stuck so we had to manage to get her out of where she was stuck we did but it took a while! Then it was time to bring the boys in (for those of you that don't know this is Gatsby and Rascal) and Rascal was dead chilled out, Fiona said cause of how muddy it was I was to stand by the gate and take Gatsby off her when she'd got hold of him! Well the little bugger decided that he wanted to play, a foot off him he decided to start bucking and rearing and biting and prancing. He then bit Rascal and got him playing up too! We stood and let Gatsby chill out and thought he was calmed down, he came trotting down to the gate and I went 'aww are you coming to say hello to me', and he realised that he could undo the gate so he undid the gate and stood next to me I went to grab his rug (he'd got no head collar on as he wouldn't let Fiona put it on) so that I could just take him up to his stable like that, but he didn't want me to do that. He decided to run past me and run up to the yard luckily the gates were all closed so he couldn't get on to the road. Every time I almost got hold of him, he sodded off again, and then I thought he was going to go in to his stable, he did and he went and stood there as if to say 'I didn't do anything', I look so sweet and innocent and Fiona had got Rascal and she went 'Gatsby you little shit, you'll be in trouble when Amber rides you later' and the look on his face was priceless! Then it was time to get the Shetland ponies in, their field is next to the boys field and had seen Gatsby playing up so they decided that they wanted to buck about and rear too, but they were little so they were easy to get hold of. 

Now I am at home about to pack my stuff up for going to see my sister and stopping at hers for the night, so I get some quality time with my sister and her boyfriend but the best bit is I also get to spend time with my little nephew and I Can't wait!! But before that I'm going back up to the stables and am going to ride Gatsby and get some of his excitement out of his system! He can chill out but he is going to work damn hard! 

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  1. Thats so funny, I used to lease a devil horse named Oreo, and she would get out all the time. It was at a private residence, and if she got out of a gate, there was nothing to stop her from walking down the driveway and onto a fairly busy road. Also, the interstate was only about half a mile away....She was such a turd, she would get through a gate and run around the yard never letting me get near her and getting nearer to the driveway each time. So stressful!

  2. Aw Gatsby lol. Sounds like he was playing with you guys.

  3. Marissa that must have been scary with it being so close to a main road! That would have really stressed me out, I was just glad that unless he was an idiot and jumped the gate there was no where for him to go.

    Ruffles he was bless him he's so funny got to love the big fella!

  4. This sounds like my ponies. I think they get getting sassy all over the world!


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