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Thursday, 21 February 2013
While I was up at the stables yesterday, I decided that I would ask my riding teacher her opinion of the car verse horse situation. She agreed with my dad for a few different reasons and here they are: 
  1. If I don't have a car how can I get to my horse, I would constantly be relying on other people to take me there (as there isn't a bus root from mine to West Hallam), so if Mum OR Dad couldn't take me then I wouldn't be able to get up! :( 
  2. I'm going to University this September and am going to be doing a foundation year and then a three year photography course, so whilst I would have ALL summer, time would be come pretty tight after this and the horse wouldn't get the attention that they truly deserve, and that's not fair at all on the horse. 
  3. At the moment in time my stomach is in a good place, it's not hurting as much, I'm not on as many tablets and it's making it so that I am really able to concentrate on working hard, BUT I can't guarantee that my stomach's going to stay like this, it's only recently that it's settled down and before I get a horse I need to know that it is going to stay calm and at a minimal amount of pain! 
I completely agree with EVERYTHING that Fiona, Elaine, and my Mum and Dad have said and like Fiona said 'it's hard and horrible to be sensible sometimes but it's for the best in the long run', and I still have Gatsby that I can ride whenever I want to and that I am going to be doing pony club with. So I am never going to be short of a horse to ride, so with all these things in mind I have decided that the car will come first and the dog later.

Today after getting back from my sisters I've spent looking at different Mini's ideally I want a manual Mini One either Petrol or Diesel but Petrol is cheaper, and it would be a 2007 reg. Based on these facts I went online and looked at comparethemarket.com and looked at different prices for insurance, firstly I did it all in my name as a learner driver with no second driver, it came out as costing £989.10 which is a lot cheaper than the first figure that I got. I then thought I would look at what it would cost to do it using my Mum as well so that she was a driver on it and this changed it to being £1300 roughly, can't remember the exact figure, but my mum's insurance allows her to drive another persons car with their permission. So she's said that I wouldn't need her as a named driver on my insurance. 

Tomorrow is my own a pony day and I will also spend time telling you about my nan who's had a bad fall recently, but that's going to be a post that will take a lot longer to write.

I'll tell you more tomorrow. 
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  1. Marissa said...:

    The way I feel is that if you can't provide a horse a forever home, there's no reason to get a horse. Of course horses get sold for different reasons, but no one should ever go into the purchase of a horse thinking they won't have it forever. Everyone is poor when they're in college, and having a horse is like having children. It's a huge responsibility and honestly it will tie you down. This is precisely why I lease horses. Right now I have all of the awesome parts of full time horse ownership, but I know she has a good home and I will love her while I can but when the time comes that I have a lifestyle change, I don't have to move or sell or let my horses health degrade. I think that unless you have grown up in a horse family, it's slightly irresponsible to buy a horse. (Horse family is different...the parents also seem to have more responsibility over the horse and will continue riding/caring while they're kids go to school etc). It can be tough to want a horse so badly, but finding a full lease really is worth it and will give you all the advantages with less long term responsibility. You could easily do that over the summer and have an awesome summer full of riding!

  1. I think the care is the best decision. Take it one thing at a time. Fiona had a good point about the car getting you to the horse. For example Bre just cut herself and needed me out there two times a day. I had to put stanidng wraps on at night, take them off in the am, and put a fresh dressing on everyday. She needs antibiotics two times a day too. Luckily I have help with the antibiotics but that wouldn't always be the case.

    Leasing is a really great way to start into horses. I started that way!! There are so many horses out there who could use a second mommy. If I could find a young lady like you to lease Bre I woudl be in heaven!!

  1. Marissa - I would never buy a horse and then sell it, when I get one that will be it. Both my nan and mum are all in the horse world and my nan used to breed horses, feeding a lease horse would be hard because I know Gatsby's not up for lease, so I'm just going to stick with him.

    Adventures of Super Pony - Awww thanks, Bre does sound lovely, at the minute I ride Gatsby and am using him for pony club and competing this summer, but I don't have him on lease (I wish I did though!) I know one day I'll get the horse I dream of but for now I've got my big fella and my owner always says how nice it is that I love him so much and I really like her :"D Who knows what will happen in the future :)

  1. Ruffles said...:

    It sucks to be practical sometimes. But at least you have Gatsby though - hes pretty dang awesome. A car is exciting too though.

  1. It does, but it's probably the best option, Gatsby is awesome I think if I didn't have him the outcome might have been different. Can't wait to have a MINI though :)

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