Theory Tests, Blood Tests and Equine Nutrition Tests!

Today I have done absolutely nothing, I slept in this morning not getting up til lunch time because I was feeling rough, (my nephew had a stomach bug when I went over to stop last week and I think I've got some of that) and when I did get up I spent time doing last week's work on my Equine Nutrition course and tomorrow I will start this weeks, unfortunately this is the last week but then March 25th I'll be starting a photography course!

My mum had to take my Brother to have some blood tests as they want to keep an eye on his white blood cells (I think) and she tried to take him to our local blood test clinic in the morning but they changed their starting times, so she was taking him to our main hospital in the afternoon and as my Dad was at work and my Uncle was away today I said that I would stay in and look after Nan. She slept the majority of the time other than when her phone rang and then she woke up. Just before my mum got in she asked me to make her a boiled egg with toast and butter and then a cup of tea, I'm starting to get pretty good at making cups of tea and also at making boiled eggs, speaking of eggs, I really fancy one maybe for my breakfast tomorrow? Tomorrow my Nan  has to have more x-rays and go back to the fracture clinic and then on Friday she has to go in for the entire day to have a whole load of more tests run and to see the consultant so maybe this will give her some more answers and make her feel happier to get out of bed and sit in her sitting room, but who knows? Not me! 

Today Fiona had the area representative from Pony Club coming out to the stables to check that she had got everything in place to be able to start doing pony club. Then Fiona's got to order some things in and after this Pony Club should be starting soon, I'm so excited and really just can't wait to do it and get to learn more. Gatsby's got the chiropractor coming out to him soon to check that  his back is okay and then when we know whether it is or not, Fiona is going to look at getting him a new dressage saddle. Which I think will be fun to ride in. I've got a lesson on Saturday and Jamie-Leigh should be back in our group lesson as I think she'll have done her exam by then!

In other day to day news Friday I will be booking my Theory test and for the past week each night I have been doing an hour reading the highway code and doing some online tests. I've been passing the online tests for the Theory, but I also need to remember to practice 'Hazard Perception' tests as I think that this will be my downfall so tomorrow I am going to look some up online and give them ago! 
Now I'm back off to read a book.

Until Next Time 
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  1. Sorry you feel bad. I hope you feel better really soon.

    So exciting about the photography class!!! :D I can't wait to hear all about it.

    I'll keep your Nan in my thoughts. I hope they do a CT and figure out what caused the fall this time.

  2. Have you purchased the pony club manual yet? It is the best horse book I have. I was just looking at it yesterday. I hope you are feelign perky again.

  3. I haven't got the pony club manual yet but will be looking in to getting! I feel a lot better now.


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