An Easter full of art ideas.

Sunday, 31 March 2013
Happy Easter Everyone! 

Last night the clocks went forward so we lost an hour of sleep, I kept looking at my watch this morning (I wear it 24/7) and it told me it was earlier than it was, so I just kept going back to sleep and then remembered that the clocks had changed. When I got up I did a bit of reading and then my uncle and his partner were coming round to visit my nan so I sat with them for a while. 

I know that I have got a lot of art work that I need to get done over the next two weeks (6 sheets), so I decided that I was going to do some today and I was going to start of with working on Idea's and then tomorrow I am going to do an artist study. Today I did 6 Ideas and then mounted them so that was one sheet down, the ideas were based around a silhouette of a person but inside the silhouette's sunsets and trees. I'll try and remember to post some picture of it tomorrow! 

Now I'm curled up watching Grease on T.V. I've always loved this film, and mum couldn't find anything else to watch so we decided to watch it. Tomorrow I plan to do more art work as I am not going to be back at the stables until Wednesday, I also plan to do a practice essay for my English Lit Class. On Tuesday I am going out for the day with some friends but I really can't wait until Wednesday because I'm going to be going up to West Hallam to help Fiona out. 

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  1. Karley said...:

    Ugh I hate the time change lol!

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