Babysitting My Nephew

Well today has been a long day because I didn't get much sleep last night, but this morning I woke up to go and help my mum do the food shopping, and with it being Easter it was like going to a football match inside the supermarket! Normally when we pay it takes 5ish minutes to be able to start putting the food on the rail this time it took 15-20 minutes. Then when we got back, I played on a game on facebook and went out to do some jobs with my mum, including washing the car. 

This evening I am babysitting for my nephew and am then going to be stopping for the night, as it was my sisters birthday yesterday, her boyfriend asked if I would babysit so that he could take her out for a meal. So they picked me up at five and then this evening when we got back we played some games, and ate pizza, lots of pizza, as well as breadsticks and celebrations! We took some photos and he decided that he liked my laptops webcam and thought it was funny trying to figure out how he was on the camera. I loved it, we played with the ball and played with the toy cars. He even tried cuddling up with Milly the cat. 

After this it was time to change his nappy, so I thought to make the job easier I would change his nappy and put his baby onesie on at the same time so that he was ready for bed. He then let me know that he was tired by pointing to the book that I was going to be reading him and sitting on top of his sleep bag, so I put him in his sleep bag and read a book and with in minutes he was fast asleep on my knee, I waited until I knew he was fully asleep and then put him in to his bed. Now I'm sitting downstairs catching up on reading blogs and watching Coronation Street, then I'm going to start reading a new book that I got today. 

Tomorrow I get to ride Gatsby, it's been two weeks since I road him last because of the snow, but the snow seems to be staying away (although on the way to babysitting it did try to snow). So hopefully I'll be able to get on tomorrow and carry on with the exercise that I did two weeks ago. 

I'll leave you with some pictures of my Baby nephew. 

Cuddles with my baby nephew, 
Brody likes pointing at the camera so we decided that we would both point at the camera.
Brody trying to force feed me pizza, he likes to share! 
Sleepy boy all curled up in bed. He's still fast asleep, he likes so sweet and happy. 

 Until Next Time
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  1. Cute little tike, shame about the older one! He looks like he is having fun sunshine. Mum x

  2. Hehe thanks mum! I know he's just too cute! xxx


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