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Sunday, 3 March 2013
Today we went to visit my Nan, they have put her on a tablet to raise her blood pressure and 'at some point' she will be having an Echo (not sure the fall name or if I've spelt it right). When we got there she had a new bruise on her arm where her cannula had originally been, when we asked her what had happened she told us that a nurse had forcefully pulled the plasters off covering it over ( my nan has paper thin skin so when things stick to it they pull her skin off). He then pulled out the cannula and my Nan informed him that he was being 'a bully, cruel sadistic, and hoped he wouldn't treat his mother like he did her', later on he did apologize but said 'she was lucky he came as no-one else was coming to her', now my Nan is awfully confused at the minute, but when we told the nursing staff in charge all they would say was 'he's very gentle and a nice person' to which my nan said are you trying to insinuate that i am making it up, the nurse said 'No' but it was perfectly obvious that that WAS what she was insinuating and that is just not fair. My nan was brighter and more awake today, a lot more alert and definitely a lot more chatty, or complaining and bitchy which ever way you want to put it but as me and my mum said she is brighter but she isn't making sense with some of the things they say and my mum is worried that at the moment they are trying to resolver the blood pressure being so low which is great and what we want BUT they are not looking in to deeply what has CAUSED her to have such a low blood pressure. The nurse in-charge finished by telling us 'we've found she has a urine infection, we've found that she is dizzy and we've found out she's being sick more when she moves and changes position' all of this we ALREADY knew so they haven't actually found out anything new like she was trying to say that we have. Not sure what the arrangements are tomorrow about seeing her because the occupational therapist is coming out to look at Nan's bathroom and see what changes can be made, it shall be interesting to see what she says!

Today was also my best friends Baptism she decided that at 18 she wanted to be baptised again as she really believes in God. I went to it because she asked me to and as Evie said 'I'm not inviting my blood family but your my family to and I want you there'. I didn't particular want to go as I don't get on well with a few of the people that were there but said that I would do and that I would take pictures and support her. Then this evening she came over for a few hours we watched films, went and got a domino's pizza and just had a chat about the things that are going on her life. It was nice to have a catch up as recently neither of us have had that much time to have a catch up so it was good to see how she was. She was a bit annoyed because she has a 'friend' that is becoming quite clingy/possessive and bless her she doesn't want to say anything cause she likes the girl and does feel sorry for her but it's really starting to annoy her and I really feel sorry for Evie because she is in such an awkward situation and such a nice person, so we will have to wait and see how this plays out, it could be interesting.

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  1. It is pretty common for elderly to have low BP with position changes. It could be a mix of the UTI and medications. Which medications is she on?
    Here is a list of meds that can be dangerous for the elderly :

    Sometimes it is medically appropriate to use them but with caution. IF all her tests come clear then it might just be a fluke.

  1. I'll have a look at that, I'm not sure what tablets she is on. It's just odd because she NEVER used to have low BP and up until about 2 weeks ago it was perfect text book.

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