Gatsby Time tomorrow.

After the week I've had I can't wait to go riding tomorrow and just have time with Gatsby and building my riding up. He's such a wonderful horse and always makes me feel better when I've had a bad day. Today has been such a long day and I'm back to aching my dad and I did two uphill works which has sent the joint between my leg and my body back to hurting again which it had stopped doing. So I'm hoping it is going to stop again by tomorrow.

Tomorrow my dad is taking me riding as my mum is taking my brother and his mate to a cycle race that he's doing. So there won't be any pictures of Gatsby and I (as my dad can't take pictures they end up either of people's feet or of the sky) it's the first time in a while that my dad's seen me ride (Canter) so will be interesting to hear what he thinks, and he has been told whether it's raining or sunny he has to be there, he can't say he's not feeling well because then I have no other way of getting there.

Recently it's been really weird but I've just felt like I wanted to ride without stirrups, I don't know why because it's something that I tend to not like doing and tend to avoid doing, but I just fancy riding without stirrups at the minute, I told my mum and she said when Fiona thought I was ready she was sure that she would decide that it was time to do it, for now I'll just stick with my canter.

I haven't really done much today other than go for two long walks and walk round the supermarket helping my mum do the shopping. So I've done lots of walking today then this evening I went to my local youth group and spent three hours playing on Forza four. I'd got nothing better to do and no-one was there. I got quite good at it by the end but I also got really bored of it, So then I spent ages playing pool we played Six matches and drew 3 wins each. 

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  1. Yay for riding without stirrups it is THE best way to get a better seat. Even if you just warm up at the walk without them it is better than nothing. I had trouble wiht the sitting trot so I had to ditch my stirrups for a month until I could do it.

  2. I've never been a fan of riding without stirrups especially after coming off when riding with out stirrups and almost ending up with broken ribs


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