Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Product Review - Riders Diary Standard

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UPDATE!! I bought this product from Pony Print this is a UK company but I know that you can also buy them in America, here's also a link to their UK facebook page and Australia facebook page I do also know that you can buy them in America.

I decided after someone asking for pictures of my rider's Diary to do a product review on the riders diary, this will include pictures of all the different sections and pages that come in it so there are going to be quite a few pictures. The folder holds A5 pages and this is something that I think is good it's not too big for me it's just the right size.

So on to picture one this shows the front of the folder, I love how theres a picture of horse and the fact that it's in black and white as I have always had a thing about black and white photographs! For me I also like how the bit that says riders Diary stands out with the red/Burgundy folder.

When you open the folder up inside you then get a white page that says riders diary on it and then you turn the page and this is where you put all your personal details you put your address, name and all this type of thing there is also a space for you to put your 'horse friends' details, phone number and Name. I really like this, and then on the back of that page you put information about the riding schools/place that you board your horse's details. You put the phone number and the address. Below you can see the horse stables information as I've already filled in the my details page so I've decided not to put that on the internet! 

As you can see in the above picture the folder comes with divider things in it, I LOVE these I think they are great touch this first one is the horse details section here you can put information about three horses that you own/ride. You can also put information about the Tack that you have, the clothes that you have and also any rugs and things like that that your horses has. 

 This is the second divider and marks the start of where you put any information to do with the horses health. Here you put details about when the farrier comes out to do your horses hooves, you put the name of the horse, the date, the name of the farrier, how much it cost, what treatment was needed and any comments. Then there is a bit where you put about the horses diet here you put the horses name, the hard feed they have in the AM/PM, how much hay they have in the AM/PM. If they have any supplements and comments. Vet Records - here you put the name of your vet, the date, the cost, the treatment, the medication and any comments that you have. There is a bit for worming you put the date, cost, product used and any comments and finally a bit for the teeth you are able to put the date, cost, dentist used, and any comments. This is all in the second divider section.

The third divider section is probably the one that I find the most useful at the minute and is for training/lessons. There are only two parts to this section the first one is for the 'horses training' here you put what horse you rode and the date, you put the goal that you want to achieve by the end of riding the horse that day and then you put any comments you have. The second part is all to do with you as a rider and is called 'Rider's instructions'. I use this part to put about any thoughts I have as things as a rider that I need to work on and how I plan on working on them in the next lesson.

The fourth section is four competitions this is a section that I am hoping to be able to use more one day, especially with the fact that I am hopefully going to be doing competitions with Gatsby through doing Pony Club. Because I bought the standard riders diary in each section I have an area that I can put on each discipline the first is dressage, you can put your score, the date, where it was held, who judged and also about the arena surfacing. There is then combined training here you can put pretty much the same as the dressage but you can also put it for show jumping. Then there is a jumping section here you put a lot more information you put the max and minimum height that you jumped, time penalties if you get them, number of obstacles, the weather conditions, jump off and jump penalties as well as overall penalties. There are then horse trials, here you put information about the dressage, show jumping and cross country phases. The final section is showing, here you put the class you entered the judges and where you were placed.
The next divider section is Diary/photo's the first section is just lines that can write on about whatever you think you should do. Then there is a special achievement section, you can put a photo, the date, what you achieved and comments. There is then another section for you to just put photographs and finally a calendar of the year that you can write on and you put important dates on.

 The second to last section is called 'other' and I decided to use this for pony club, the pony club section did NOT come with the standard diary so it was an extra that I bought but it didn't cost that much. Here you put what horse you use and the pony club activities that you do in the morning and afternoon. I can't wait to start using it!

The last section is for Breeding I don't have anything in this section as it doesn't come with the standard diary and it is something that I'm not involved in so I don't need it at this moment in time! But who knows what may happen in the future.

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