Sixth Form Ball and Purple Hair.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013
The other day when I was doing the food shopping with my mum inspiration hit me. I knew that for my sixth form ball I wanted to have my purple hair back again! I love having my coloured hair but having it done professionally was costing me £80 a time and that's a lot of money when I'm wanting to save up and I was having it done three times a week. Then last friday when I was doing the shopping I saw a do it yourself purple hair dye kit. Last night I asked my mum if I could have my hair dyed by her purple for my ball and she said yes but that we would need to try it before the time came as she's never done it before. So last night for £4 we bought one of the kits and it's worked so well, it's darker but in the light/sun it does a really nice purple and in some lights goes a pinky purple. I love it! So we've decided that a week before the ball mum will do it again (as you have to build up purple hair dye to get the best colour). We also decided that instead of one tube we would buy two tubes because my hair is so long and so fine but there's lots of it so one tube only just manages to do it. So with two tubes I will get a brighter colour because we're not having to spread it so finely, and it'll be easier to cover the thickness and amount of hair that I've got. I love it and love the feel that it gives me I do think that having coloured/nice hair makes you feel more confident. 

The only editing that I have done on this Photo was to retouch the skin. the hair colour is the colour that my hair is there is no editing done to my hair colour. What do you guys think? I love this colour. I'm not normally his pail but the flash and the fact I've been feeling ill tends to make me look a lot paler.
The other day I was looking on Pinterest at Prom dresses and I have seen a dress that I would like to wear. The dress is a pale/baby pink colour and I love it. It is so nice and looks really luxurious but really simple at the same time and I love it. I think I would like it even more if the colour was a little bit brighter. There's a picture of it below. Then I'd really like a faux far black shoulder wrap kind of thing if that makes sense?

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  1. Very pretty I love your hair!

  1. Thank you! I love that it's dark but goes brighter in the sun :') xx

  1. What's sixth form? I LOVE your hair like that! It really does look good on you, I don't think just anybody could pull it off like you do!
    I like the dress but I think it may be a bit too revealing for my taste. Pretty color though! It would look great with your hair.

  1. Ruffles said...:

    Cool! Your hair is awesome.

  1. July - sixth form is like college it's higher education where you do a-levels before you go to university! Thank you for your lovely comments on my hair I love it!! I like the look of the dress but want something similar i'll post pictures when I've got it!

    Thank you ruffles!

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