The future holds good things.. I think!

Today has been along day and my art teacher didn't put me in a good mood! This morning my mum and I went to her physiotherapist appointment which was in Nottingham so it included an hour long journey there and then the same back. This afternoon I went in to school and had English we have almost finished off the book that we are reading, then I had art, for two months I've been working on a project and he decides today that he doesn't like what I'm doing for my work, so I have to entirely change the direction that my theme is going in to get the grade that I want to get. Which is pretty annoying. 

This afternoon I also spent some time looking at insurance prices for a Mini as a Learner driver as well as holding a full licence and found an insurance company that isn't overly expensive for me as a Learner driver and I can continue using as a full licence holder, soo that's pretty exciting stuff. 

Most of you will know that I went to centre parks well I am going again this year but I am going to be going on my Birthday, I'll be going with the same people but only for the weekend as it's during term time and the same week as I'll be having an art exam. The funny thing is my mates Dad's birthday is on the same day, so it will be fun. 

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