A busy day but not a lot done.

Monday, 11 March 2013
Today I have done some more art work, I have got to have two A1 sheets of Art ready for tomorrow, I did an Artist study looking at a Manga Artist which I found was quite interesting. I then also did an A1 sheet with 6 different idea's on it, which I found was really fun to do, I got to use loads of bright colours and be different and that is something that I think is important in art. I think the main thing in art is to be different and be unique. 

Last night I also ordered a Standard Rider's Diary and a Pony Club Refill. I had seen that quite a few people had been using this and I thought that it was something that I could do with using and I can't wait to use it! I ordered it at midnight last night and I am hoping that it will come tomorrow or Wednesday as I think that it is coming out using First Class Delivery! It has a section that you put about the horse that you own/ride and I think that it will be a great way to mark the changes in my riding and things like that! 

Other than that I really haven't done a lot, I did go out with my mum this evening to buy my brother a bike cleaning kit that I thought that he would like because he'd been wanting to get all his own stuff yesterday so I thought it was something nice and something that he might use a lot and get good use out of. 

Finally I thought I'd share this picture with you, I saw it earlier in the day and thought that you would like it :- 

Until Next Time 
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  1. Christine said...:

    Interesting picture!

    Love the idea of the rider diary :)

  1. I have been meaning ot get one started for Dickie. I kept one for Bre when I was riding her regularly. Maybe you have inspired me. .

  1. I love it I find it really useful!

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