A productive day today.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013
Today has been a really good day. I got to bring my art home so when my mum dropped me off for school in the morning all that I had to do was pick it up from my head of years (meaning that I didnt have to see my art teacher) which was great. I then had my timetabled English lesson, which we worked on a practice essay. then during what would have been my first art lesson of the day I stayed in English and wrote three quarters of an essay the last bit I plan to do tomorrow. Then in what would have been my second art lesson of the day I went to textiles and decided that I was going to write question cards as a way of revising for the key aspects of the textiles theory. 

During my lunch break my mum met me outside school she got me out of the busy part of Duffield and Little Eaton then we found a safe place to switch and I drove us to Matlock. We soon discovered another reason as to why I was stalling. When I was trying to find my biting point I wasn't getting enough revs up and I was snatching the clutch upto much and far to fast. When we figured out all of this as well as the hand brake discovery I was soon stalling less. I was managing to stop at junctions in the road as well as traffic lights and set off again without stalling it was awesome! We had quite a long drive and in an empty car park i managed to have a go at reversing and I expected to stall but I didn't so I was really happy with this. 

I then went back to school as I had another textiles lesson but this time I was working in my coursework so I was getting my folder done. All I have left to do now is take pictures,of my final garments do quite couple of samples and print out a couple more pages there really isn't a lot for me to do. I'm so close to the end that I can see it now. Tomorrow morning if the weather is nice I am going to take my photographs foe my textiles folder.

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