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First of all I would like to say wow at this moment in time I have had 5592 Page views when I first started this blog I never thought that many people would read it.

Today has been a fairly relaxed day I didn't think that I was going to be up that early this morning as I wasn't going anywhere. But I was awake nice and early this morning. When I first woke up I spent some time on my PlayBook putting my riding videos on to  YouTube and then uploading them om to here. I did it all on my PlayBook and found it was actually much faster to upload videos on to YouTube than if I had been using my mac. after this I had something to eat and watched a riding programme on the horse and country channel about Tina Cook. I found it quite interesting but also quite inspiring how when she is in the saddle that nothing else that is going on in her life effects her performance. I know that when I am having a bad day I let it effect my riding and that's something that I really want to stop doing. Then I went for a walk with my dad and my dog I was really happy by the end of it because the first time that I did this walk when we got to the top of the hill I was really out of breath when I did it today I didn't get out of breath so that has to be a good sign. 

Then when we got back I went in to see how my nan was doing and then I was going to curl up in my room and do some art. my nan had other plans she had decided that she wanted me to sit and keep her company while I was doing my art work. So I did. Don't get me wrong i like spending time with my nan but I don't like working in my Jan's room because it is quite uncomfortable. Her wrist looks awful she has had it out of a cast for less than a week and her arm looks awful. It's double the size of her good one and she says it feels like it still has a cast on. Now I've broken my hand twice and have never had it feel like this. My mum, and I think that it still looks broken. She also says that when she moves her hand side can feel the bones grinding together. Another thing that me and mum are taking as bad signs. She says that she had it rex-rayed but it just looks awful. She still can't do anything with it.  I think the most worrying things is the swelling though. 

I've just washed my hair and am now back curled up with my PlayBook. Tomorrow is another early start as I am going up to the stables to help out. I don't think I will be riding tomorrow. I've also filled in my pony club form other than a bit that Fiona needs to fill in and then I can send it off.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog every day. No surprise you've had so many views. :)

    That PlayBook sounds like a lot of fun.


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