Centreparcs Day Three

Today is my third day at centreparcs and also the day that Emily goes home. This morning we woke up at about 9:30 which was a lot later than we got up yesterday. I had a really good nights sleep it really surprises me every time how comfy the beds are, after wrote my post last night we just lay in bed chatting for a while and somehow ended up singing Disney songs it started because zona went 'omg a kite' no idea why as we were in a pitch black room, and I just burst out with 'lets go fly a kite' and after that we just ended up going through all of the Disney songs. I know we are definitely not normal. This morning when we got up zona spent some time playing on her nexas 7 tablet and I git out my PlayBook to read everyone's lovely blogs. I'm loving reading about Rolex who knows maybe one day I will go. Then we all had some breakfast and Norma and Ken (Zona's mum and dad) went to walk molly, their dog. who is a really sweet border collie. They always walk molly in the morning but decided to go and book a table at the pancakes house for us tonight to go out for a meal as Emily's mum and dad are coming to spend the day before they take Emily home.

The rest of the afternoon until about 6 O'clock this afternoon we just spent time chilling in the dome. Zonas parents came down as well as Emily's parents. We got some video's of us going down the slides and the boat rides its great I love it. I can't wait to see the videos. this evening we had a wicked time zonas mum treated us to a carvery as a treat for my birthday and Colin and Emily's 6 month anniversary we also got to see a magician and it was so funny for colin to see that he really didn't know it all. He acts like he knows better than everyone and to see that he didn't was just awesome. It's been a great day and now we are ending it just chilling out watching tv Emily's going home soon so by the time that she gone there's going to be no point going out to the disco as we would becoming back soon anyway. We offered that we would walk the dogs to save ken and Norma a job but Norma said not to because it's really muddy because it rained earlier. 

It feels so odd having not rode this weekends as there's not many weekends that I've missed it except when it snowed and then I only missed two. But with my shoulder being sore I think it might be good that I've not as it will give my shoulder time to settle down and sort itself out. Tomorrow I go home the weekend has gone so fast. I'm not sure if I'm driving myself home or if my mum's bringing her car I guess I'll just have to wait and see. But as soon as I leave centre parcs im going straight to the stables because it's the pony club launch evening so I'm buzzing about that. Even though I won't ride ill still get to see the big fella himself. 

I also got to meet a new horse riding friend. Emily who is Colins girl friend is big into horse riding. So it was awesome to meet a new horse riding friend I've added her on Facebook so I am pretty sure that we will stay in touch. Over all I have a really good weekend and think that we will stay in touch. 

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