Helping out and paint balling

Sorry for no blog post yesterday I fell asleep at 6:30pm last night and slept through til this morning. Last morning I went upto the stables and spent a few hours mucking out I also got to experience a vet coming out. She was coming to see elaines shetland ponies Rocky and Dixie. I got to see this really cool mini x-ray machine I'd never seen it before and thought that it was cool that they could take x-rays at stables. I also sorted out that on Thursday I am going to go and help out in the morning and then at 2 I'm going to go back home to get a free ride on Gatsby for the work that I have done. Then I should have been doing an own a pony day on Friday but fionas had to cancel it because they're was not enough interest. but I will be having my normal riding lesson on Saturday. 

Tomorrow I am doing something that I never thought I would do. I'm going paint balling my best mates been having a bad time recently so today we went through your out for a drive we went all over the place and just had a laugh. We found a cool new tack shop and sang along to music while driving. She asked me that because none of the other girls are going if I would go with her and I agreed that I would do. I am mad for agreeing to it but you never know it might be a laugh. 

Tonight my uncle is over so while he's here to look after my nan it means that we can watch some of the tv programmes that we enjoy first and foremost eastenders. I love that show. Now we have holby city which is something that my mum likes but that I've not been as keen on however recently I've got quite into it. well that's except for the surgery scenes. 

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