Mini dayy

I am officially the proud owner of a green mini one 1.4l with 43000 miles on the clock. This lunch time my mum and I made the trip to Stoke to look at the car. I loved it the green was a really nice shade of it.  we payed then and there for it. So I get to go and pick it up and drive it home on saturday after I have had my lesson on Gatsby. On the way back we stopped at Halfords to buy the L plates that I was going to need and while I was there I looked at the 'powered by fairy dust' range of car accessories they are all pink and black. I knew I was going to need mats as my cars not coming with them so I got the black mats and then on them is pink stitching then it has pink stars on it and a pink fairy and up the side of the mat on the drivers side it says 'powered by fairy dust'. There are all sorts of different things in this range so I think that i will be getting more from this range. When I go and get the car on Saturday my best mate Evie is coming with me. She will be in the back as because I'm a learner I need my mum to be in the car with me. I'm so excited to get the car on Saturday and then be able to drive it and it's a nice run back that the car is going to get. 

This evening I have been doing some of my textiles work I printed all the last of my sheets then cut the pieces up and my mum helped me to double mount them. There's three more pages that need doing in my textiles folder but I ran out of the gold paper to matt and layer them with and I haven't wrote those three pages yet so that will be what I do in my double textiles lesson tomorrow. I'm hoping that it will be sunny in the morning so that I can also take mt garment pictures that need doing. 

I'm really excited it seems like things are finally starting to fall in to place I've already found a perfect place to keep my riding stuff. I am also going to need to find a place to put all my CDs the first one that will be put in my car is nickelback it is safe to say that I am a huge fan of them I love them. 

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