Paint balling madness

Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Well today I went to the wildlife leisure place to go painting, the only downside to this plan was that I had to be up and out the door by 8/8:10am now for those of you that know me I am not a morning person. But I'd told my best mate that I was going and that was that.  For an hour we had to stand around waiting for everyone to get organised because there were that many of us. But once we could get going the adrenaline started the first game that we played was capture the flag. We split in to two teams that we stayed in for the rest of the day unfortunately this meant that Evie and I were going to be against each other. This really bought out the competitive side in both of us which can be either really good or really bad. We drew on the first game and then we had time switch bases and a the way through til about 2 minutes off the end of the game we were going to draw again but at the last minute the other team did manage to capture our flag, we then just chilled out for about 15/20 minutes before moving on to the next game called the tower. The first time we got absolutely slaughtered we had to carry a 'bomb' and get it to the tower. The second game we won we had to get the bomb off the other team and stop them from being able to get in the tower. With 5 seconds to go we managed to kill the last player and get hold of the bomb. Then we did the caravan game the first game the team that I was on one, the second game was a bit of a disaster. The marshals were not clear enough with the whistle signals, Spencer thought that the game was over so stood up. The next thing I knew he was rolling around the floor in complete agony screaming and crying. Someone had shot him in his privates. Needless to say the game was ended and we decided that it was time for lunch. After lunch there was going to be three more games. The first one Spencer wanted to sit out and asked me to so I agreed. So we watched it our team got trashed!! The next two games moved on to being in open fields..the first was called trenches it was basically what it says we were in trenches you had to get to the middle of the field get hold of a flag and take it to the other teams base and put it on a pole. The other team got the flag first but our team managed to get back hold of it and put it in the other teams base. The last game was called suicide alley and I chose to sit this one out because it was more open and there was a higher risk that I was going to get shot in the stomach. It was all open and just hay bales to hide behind. We almost won but didn't which was kind of annoying over all it was a really good day and I am glad that Evie convinced me to go we all had a good laugh. On the way back we opened the windows in her car turned up the music and sang along to the radio. On the way back we stopped at the shop and got an ice cream and we also got one last opportunity to have a laugh about Spencer but he knew we were joking. 

Tomorrow is going to be another early morning for 8:30 I need to be at the stables to help out and I will be there til 10:30 then will be going back up again later to get a ride in on Gatsby but inbetween that my mum and I need to go and see a seamstress. My ball dress came and is the wrong size. I wouldn't mind if it was to big but it has been made to small. So we need to find someone that will let it out unfortunately it needs to be let out quite about as they've made it at least 2 times to small. The most annoying thing is the company isn't taking responsibility for it they offered a refund and are now taking it back. Urghh so annoying I wish people would just accept there own mistakes. 

In other news I've got some more art work to do so I am going to do a sheet on Friday as my own a pony day has been cancelled, then a sheet on Saturday and another sheet on Sundays meaning that I have got all the art sheets done that he wants me to do. I've just been enjoying my PlayBook that much that I haven't wanted to do art, and for the past couple of days I've had some really good times with my best mate. Evie and I have also decided that we really want to go quad biking now that is something that I know that I will be good at because driving is just something that I picked up easily. That and in year 6 we built a go kart and I got the fastest and best driver award!! 

Until Next Time. 
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