Picked up my car and a great ride

Gatsby and I had a great ride this morning we have decided that until I feel confident riding without my stirrups. We started off doing about 25 minutes riding with stirrups the rest of the time was working without stirrups. We warmed up making sure to ride long and low. Gatsby was really stretching and it was nice to see. We then moved on to the trot work now for some reason my position was blocking me from getting Gatsby into an outline. But the minute that I took my stirrups away I could get Gatsby in an outline i was so surprised we then decided to move on to doing leg yielding and shoulder-in in the walk and trot without stirrups we finished my lesson with me riding without stirrups. I had a great lesson it was so much fun and something that I can't wait to keep working on. It really improved the position of my leg quite quickly. 

Then it was time to go and fetch my car the drive up was long it just seemed to take forever. When we got there I got given the rest of the paper work and they bought my car round the front my mum drove the car out of the middle of Stoke and we put petrol in and switched places. To start with I felt really rusty when I got in the drivers seat as it has been more than five months since the last time that I have driven a car. I stalled a few times and when I couldn't find the right gear I started to panick but by the end I was okay. After lunch my mum and I went on a circular route that's about 20 miles to give me a but more practice and I felt so much better. I didn't stall anywhere near as much I got the right gears the majority of the time even though they were not the smoothest transitions up and down they were a lot better than they had been earlier in the day so I was really happy with this. I love my mini and am buzzing to do more driving in it. 

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  1. I've been driving with a stick shift for six years and I still grind through gears. ;)

  2. i have 15 years of manual gear shifting experience and still sometimes miss a gear, glad your enjoying your new car, how fun!


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