Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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The end of the day and I'm one sleepy girl.

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Chilled out day today. I got a lie in this morning as we were not doing the shopping until after the doctor had been. we thought he would be coming in at lunch time but he didn't come til around 1:30 which was fairly late for him. He didn't want to change any of the tablets that he has put her on as he didn't think that she had given them long enough for them to start working on her. Basically the problem is that her heart is failing. Nan's being having morphine as a relaxant and to help her breathing and she was working herself up about it because it is an addictive drug. But she has been told that the small dose and not frequent use of morphine isn't going to do anything to her other than make her feel better. 

After this we had to do the shopping in less than an hour as my brother had git a hair dressing appointment. The supermarket was packed with old people and people that just wanted to stand in the way and then when asked to move got grumpy which was annoying. When we got to the end the check out person that we normally go to wasn't there so we went to the one that had the shortest que. Well the person on this one wasn't very helpful and just kept talking to other people so wasn't doing his job very well. He didn't put bags out, take the security code off dvds and was pushing through stuff so fast that we couldn't pack it in time. Mum decided not to say anything as we were in a rush. Then when we went to leave the scanner things at the doors went off, the checkout person had not scanned the barcode on one of the products properly. 

This evening I went to a youth group that I go to. I chatted to Steve who's just got married (he's one of the people that help there) and he just got back from his honey moon he was talking all about the sunsets and the animals in Africa it was really interesting and next time he's going to show me some of the pictures that he took which I can't wait to see. We played some games of pool and talked about cars.  Then mum came to get me now I'm watching eastenders.

So that's all for now. 
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