Videos from my lesson on the 6th April 2013

Sunday, 7 April 2013
Here's some video's of Gatsby and I in our lesson yesterday. Compared to a few weeks ago I think you can see a big difference the transitions are smoother and the canter work is generally calmer and lasts for longer. I am really happy with how my canter work is developing. If anyone has any suggestions or tips after they have watched the videos then please feel free to comment with them. I appreciate everyones advice. I hope that you enjoy the videos. 

Until next time. 
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  1. Teehee, my favorite thing about gatsby is that his tail swings back and forth when he trots. So cute!!

  1. Hehe I'd never noticed that, but just watched it so know what you mean!

  1. Looking good! You seem like you are sitting very far back but that may be something your instructor asks you to do.

  1. It's not something my teachers asked me to. But I completely agree that it's something I need to work on

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