A day full of different activities

Today hasn't been a long day but things tend to feel really surreal at the moment. I went to get my dress this morning and it now fits perfectly. So I have my prom dress sorted. I them went straight to school. My first lesson was textiles theory, the first half of the lessons I spent working on a past paper and the
second half I saw the fashion show photos from last night. I thought insight regret not doing it but I am sure that it was the right thing to do. In my textiles I felt like I learned quote a lot and I am starting to feel more prepared for the exams that are coming up. It was then lunch time and i was supposed to do some work, then I would go to my English lessons, however much english lessons was cancelled because of moderation. So my mum came to pick me up and we went for my driving practice. I did the route that I normally do but this time I did it backwards now my mum was going to let me do the simpler route but I decided I didn't want to the only down side to this was the amount of hills they were I was nervous but I didn't mind this. I needed the practice and the hills were not to bad so that was a good start I stalled once but I'd never done an uphill start so I wasn't too worried about this. I then decide that I really wanted to go round starbucks and pick up a frappachino well I decided that it would be a great idea to park in the space that was on a hill not only that but I was going to have to reverse uphill I didn't struggle to reverse but I did struggle to do the uphill start but I got there in the end. Then when I got home I decided that I was going to reverse my car in to my parking space now my drive is a tight s shape the first part of my drive is on a slope and my dad has the easy job as all he has to do is drive into the garage. However my mum and I have to park at the side of the garage so for the past few weeks my mum has been reversing my car in however today I decided that I wanted to reverse in today and I was so happy when I realised that I managed to do it as it's something that one expected it to be weeks before I could do it.

We have set a date for my nans funeral it will be on the 24th of may so there's two weeks til it will take place. I've got a dress sorted that should have arrived by now. I told Evie the date and as she is classed as family she will come in the limo cars with the rest of the main family. It's also been sorted that my cousins from Ireland will be coming over to. I haven't seen them in a few years so while it is not happy circumstances I am looking forward to seeing them both. They might also get to meet Gatsby!!

This evening Evie text me asking if I minded if she came round to mine I said no. When she turned up she told me that she is happier at my house than anywhere else and I thought that this was really sweet. She has planned her outfit that she will wear and it is a coral colour another one of my nans favourites we spent the evening chilling out watching TV and playing on games neither of us are going through a good times at the moment so it's nice that we are both their for each other but we can also distract each other. She hasn't been having a good time at home so I'm glad that she knows that she can come to mine whenever.

Tomorrow I don't go in to school until 2pm. This means that i will probably drive in the morning and do some revision in the morning as well. But I really don't know because at the minute the house is so busy with everyone coming and going. its good though because it is keeping my mum busy and distracted for 12 years my mum has looked after my nan. So while the majority of us can go back to something that is relatively 'normal' there will not be a normal for my mum so when the house gets less busy is when the full impact will hit my mum. Tomorrow we have someone coming over from the church.

Now to end the post with two pictures of my prom dress.

Excuse the double chin I was looking down and had my head tilted forwards . Also excuse my really messy room.

I love this picture it shows really well why I wanted this dress. The fact that it makes my waste smaller. I also love the beading detail as it draws the eye away from my stomach.

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