A long 24 hours now all I want to do is sleep

The past 24 hours have been long and tiring. After I put my post up yesterday Evie decided that she was going to stay for the night again, however she needed to ring her granddad and let him know that she wouldn't be coming over. For half an hour she tried ringing him and he didn't answer so Evie started to really worry so we decided to go and check on him and it was a good job that we did because when we turned up we found him lying on the floor in the garden he'd fallen over and he had been there for five hours. To cut a long story short we rang her mum and her mum rang an ambulance. Her granddad went to A&E he had xrays and hasn't broken anything. But they are going to keep him in for a while to run some tests and keep an eye on him. Evie still stayed at mine again last night and we tried to cheer each other up. We stayed up til about midnight and then went to bed it was my turn to crash and fall asleep instantly. This morning Evie was up before me we decided that I would go into school for my last lesson. So this morning Evie and I just played on games. We then went for a drive and the great thing was that I didn't stall ans its been a few days since I have stalled. I just really chilled out and enjoyed driving it was fun and having queen on the radio definitely helped. 

This afternoon I went in to school and it ended up being the biggest waste of time ever. Tonight is the schools fashion show for the textiles students. I should have been doing it but I am so tired and just decided that I didn't want to do it and I really didn't have the energy to do it. I thought that our textiles lesson was going to be revision which would have really helped me nut I guessed wrong all we did was move chairs ans tables setting up for the school fashion show. When we could have spent time actually learning. Urghh talk about annoying! When I got in I took my dad out for a drive now my dad has always said that he wouldn't get in a car with me until after I have passed my driving test. Well today I decided to offer and he said yes. we went for a drive and I only stalled once which to say I was nervous I was pretty impressed with. He helped me a bit more with changing my gears and things like that but he didn't try telling me what to do. 

Now I am off to do some of music revision 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Glad your friends granddad is ok, sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. I am interested what your textile final project looks like :)

  2. I will post pictures of my textiles project in a minute :)


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