And a nice evening was had by all

Today started off badly bet ended on a good note. Yesterday I took my car to Stoke tonight it is still there its got a new water pump, thermometer, and possibly a gasket head as well. Think I've spelt that right but I know nothing about cars. The good news is this is all being repaired under warranty and at the minute it looks to be a very expensive job. originally I should have been getting my car back today and while I am gutted that it's not back I'd rather be driving a safe car. It doesn't look like it will be back before the bank holiday. 

This evening I went with my uncle to see the Great Gatsby it was amazing. I love how they did it. I have been wanting to read it for a while but never got around to it and now that I know I enjoyed it I am definitely going to read the book. I love the glamour about the 1920's the jewellery, the clothes, the houses basically I love everything about that time period. Well except for the cars,  if they had my minis in that time period it would be perfect. It is certainly a film that I am going to buy in. DVD and I would highly recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it. The actors in it were great and I think it's going to be in my top 10 favourite films. Including the twilight saga, the fast and furious films and the Flicka films. Next week I get to go to the cinema again with my mum and my brother we are going to see fast and furious 6 I have been waiting for months for this film to come out i definitely have a need for Speed. there are quite a few films that are going to be in the cinemas soon that I can not wait to see, a few of them are horrors.

Tomorrow I am going with my dad to pick up my cousins that are coming over from Ireland from the funeral. I get to see them for the weekend so I can't wait for that. they get in at the train station at about 10:30 tomorrow morning. For now I am curled up with my hair naturally drying watching the apprentice with my mum. Later on I am going to finish off my hair so it's ready for the morning then have an earlier night as I just didn't sleep well last night. 

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