Early wake up call

Today was a long day my mum and I were up and out of the house  by 7am we arrived in Stoke qt just before 8 and the mechanic said that he was surprised how early we were but He was the one to tell my dad that we needed to be there as early as possible so we were. The first thing that he did was pop the bonnet up and try and open the water part well it bubbled over like mad none of us expected that. He told us that we were going to be there for a minimum of two to three hours so we might as well go up to the shopping part. He told us it was a quick 5 minute walk up a not to steep hill! Wrong! The hill was really steep so we did it in two parts we stopped at the bus station to sit for a but and then get a drink. Then we walked another 10 minutes to go to McDonalds were we had pancakes and sausage breakfast then we had to wait. It was cold and raining so we waited in McDonalds. Eventually we got a phone call to tell us that my car would have time stay over night because it needs a new water pump putting on it. He ordered the part but it was going to take three to four hours to fit the pump so we rang my uncle for him to come and get us so for an hour if not more we sat at the garage in the office. To say it was cold was an understatement. Rob then picked us up and bought us home. He turned the heaters up to warm me up which also made me really sleepy. So when I got home I was shattered. So I went to bed for what was going to be a short nap but ended up being a four/five hours nap. The weird thing is that when I woke up I still felt tired. 

Tomorrow I should be going to pick my car up at some point.  I am also going to be going to see The Great Gatsby with my uncle. I am really looking forward to it as the adverts are making it look really good so that's going to be awesome. Thursday two members of my family from Ireland are coming over and Friday is my nans funeral. I think this week is going to be a really long week. But on Saturday I get to ride Gatsby then I am helping out for the afternoon. Sundays we are going to an all you can eat chinese buffet then my irish family are going home. Tomorrow I also need to do more revision as I am trying to make sure I do a little bit each day. 

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