Horse time tomorrow and a night with my best mate.

Friday, 3 May 2013
Today has been another long day but I am ending it with my best, mate so that is making me feel better. When I woke up this morning I couldn't feel all down the side of my face that I've got the ear infections on and when I tried to lie on that side of my face it made me really hurt. So my doctor extended the amount of time that I will need to need be on antibiotics and the ear drops. 

Then my mum took me to get another new folder so that I now have a folder for my English revision as well as my textiles revision. I also got to refill note pads so that when I'm making notes I can take the Page out of the pad and put it in my folder so that I know everything is together. As I tend to lose sheets and things like that. Then I decided to do some more revision for both my textiles and English classes. I really want to get the best grades that I can so that I can still go to university this October to do my photography course. I'm really trying hard to do the things that one want to do even though it's going to be harder for me to do it now that I have dropped art but I'm one of those people that when you challenge me I'm likely to come out fighting just to prove that person wrong. That's just the personality that I have. 

I then watched some tv with my dad and uncle's before one of my uncles took me to get a new pair of shoes. people that know me will tell you that shoes don't tend to last with me for that long. However I made my favourite pair of flats last for over a year, however today I decided that they really needed to go in the bin. So my uncle took me to get a new pair of ballet flats while my mum took my brother into the middle of Derby. I found a pair of shoes really quickly and I cant wait to start wearing them. 

After that I had my dinner and text my best mate to see if she would be at the youth group I go to tonight because If she wasn't going to be there then I wasn't going to go. But she says she was going to be and that she had got a surprise for me. When I got there she said the first surprise was that she has got her braces of now and the second was that she wanted to know if on Sundays she could come round to mine then stop for the night so they we can plan our hairstyles and make up for the prom. Then we will spend tome just chilling out on Monday I love spending time with my best mate it always makes me feel better.

Now on to an update on my nan. She's still alive and kicking but is getting weaker and weaker every single day. She hasn't eating in a week and not drank anything properly in a few days. Even though she didn't want one she now has a catheter fitted and it's a good job that she has got one. For the past two days all that she has done is sleep. Even in her sleep we can tell when her relaxant/sedative wears off because even in her sleep she is becoming quite restless and very disturbed. So the nurses have to keep giving her injections to make her comfier and happier and this is the most important thing to all of us, that she is happier and comfier.  

Evie who has known me for 8 years knows me better than most people and knows that I am struggling with everything that is going on. Evie is basically my family she calls my house and room our house and room. My mum and dad she calls mummy 2 and daddy 2 she is my family and will always be a part of my family. She works damn hard to make sure everyone else is happy and nearly always puts herself last, when I've been ill she's just come and spent time with me. She has visited me in hospital and is one of the only people I would trust with my life. So when she could see that one was struggling with everything that is going on at the minute she said that we could leave early and just come home and watch some films. For ages we just sat in my nans room talking to each other and to my nan about things that are going on at the minute. Now we are chilling watching the film hot fuzz before Evie has to go home. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 
P.S I get to ride Gatsby tomorrow!! 


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