I believe I can fly.

Today was my own a pony day, and I loved it. For the first time this week that the weather was pleasant. It was so hot that it made riding hard work but just loved it. I think I might even have got a tan, which is awesome as I normally burn not tan. We got there at 9:00 and the horses were all out except for Gatsby and Rascal, who had already been mucked out and fed. By 10:30 we had all the feed buckets cleaned, the stalls mucked out and water buckets emptied, cleaned and then refilled. All we had left to do in the stables was fill and hang hay nets. I got on Gatsby and Fiona asked if I would like to jump Gatsby. I agreed as this is something that I used to love doing. I got him groomed, tacked him up, and got ready to get on him. Because he was jumping we decided to put his front boots on but not his back boots. I got on him and started warming him up making sure that he was working long and low and really stretching out. As I was riding for half an hour instead of an hour, I had to warm up quicker. Fiona let me do my thing on Gatsby before jumping him because the little girl that was in the arena with me had only had four lessons. So she was working on learning rising trot. Some times fiona would ask me to go in front of the little girl so that she could follow me. She did this more so in the trot than anything else and she would ask the little girl questions about my riding. Once I got Gatsby warmed up and cantered him a couple of times on each rein. Fiona put up a little cross rail jump for me. We went over it for or four times and it felt so good to jump him. He has changed so much he no longer rushs to the jumps but takes you calm and steadily and does his job. He was great we got a couple of really nice jumps I loved it and there was a couple of times that i know i needed to add more leg. But to say it was my first time in a year, I was happy with what I was able to do. 

After I had rode I hopped off Gatsby and helped one of the other girls get on him. For a while we watched the lessons and then it was time to fill the haynets y the time we were done the lesson was over, I helped to untacked Gatsby and then it was lunch time. We had lunch and decided that in the afternoon we were going to do a in hand competition. After we had eaten I took Rocky's bridle outside and sat for half an hour cleaning it while I watched the farrier putting on and taking shoes off. I then groomed rocky plaiting both his mane and his tail, putting on hoof oil and making sure that he was brushed well. Once we were done I went to take Rocky down to the school and wait for the others. When fiona came down we started off walking and halting the horses, we then halted and did some trot work we did one lap and then turned on the centre line to have bridles and cleanliness checked. We then took the horses in. Unfortunately I had to ask Elaine to untack Rocky because I had over heated as well as starting to become dehydrated. Elaine untacked him and I sat down and had a drink once i started drinking I felt less sick. So that was good. By the way I forgot to say that I came joint second in the competition winning me some Haribos. 

Tomorrow I get to go and see Gatsby again for my lesson. I think we are going to be doing some more jump work so I am really excited to see what tomorrow will bring. I love my horse time and hopefully by then I will stop being sick.

But now I am going to curl up in bed and get a good night sleep.

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