Long time no see.

Today has been another long day,for some reason the last Two nights I haven't been able to sleep I've even restless and today it's starting to show. This morning I was up and dressed nice and early as I was going with my dad to pick my cousins up from the train station.  We haven't seen them in years so even though they aren't here because of the best circumstances I still am really enjoying seeing them. We got in and just spent a while chilling out doing nothing in particular. Tomorrow my cousins are driving my dads car to the crematorium so we showed him the root fir that and then spent a couple of hours in the pub it was fun and there was lots of banterous conversations going on (yes I just made banterous up. It's a new word of mine). This afternoon my sister also came over with brody she showed us all the little suit that she has bought for him tomorrow, my sister and my mum took Brody to get his hair cut. Kt does look really good and apparently he is quite patient. 

Tomorrow is going to be a long day for everyone and a day that I am really not looking forward to. So I'm going to curl up and get a good night's sleep. 

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