Lunches out, revision and photography

Today has been a really good day I haven't done much but I am happy with what I have done. This morning my pony club joining pack arrived, it came with a badge, a tie, about all the different activities, about the different levels of efficiency tests as well as a cool rosette to go on my horse wall. 

This afternoon my dad, mum, uncle rob and I went to Horsley lodge for lunch, we went to try the food as this is where we are going to go after the funeral. I had this really nice cagun chicken with sweet potatoes wedges both things that I have never had before. They were both so nice and I enjoyed having them. My mum had a mushroom linguine and so did my uncle and my dad had a chicken ceasar salad.  We all enjoyed it then this afternoon I drove myself to school and had textiles revision first most people were looking for the fashion show photos but seen as I didn't do it I don't bother looking at them and instead got on with doing some textiles revision. I got given questions and the answers to copy out so that I could test myself at home as well as in school. I spent an hour doing this and managed to copy up the majority of the questions but I will continue doing that tomorrow. 

I then had my English lesson to start with we looked at past papers over the past three years and then we moved on to playing a game but it was a revision game. Most of us stood up it started with one person and they had to say a quote and then pick another person. This person said who was saying the quote and then a quote of their own. When you didn't get things right you then had to sit down. Instead of playing the game I started sitting down and wrote down some of the best quotes. It was a good way to revise and I really liked it. 

When I got home I watched TV for a while and played some games on my laptop. Then my mum took me for a drive and I managed to get up some hills without stalling on them. I then came down the A38 and went around one of the big round abouts that I was worries about doing. We then went in to a car park and practiced parking and reversing around corners. We also did a couple attempts at a 3 point turn. I didn't find them as hard as i thought I was going to do them. I then reversed on to my drive, I will post a picture of my drive tomorrow showing where I park and how hard it is to park on my drive. It took me a bit longer today as it was slippy and raining but I did eventually manage it and that's all that really matters. 

Tomorrow I am in school for an hour and a half because my lessons in the afternoon has been cancelled but my textiles lesson first thing is still on. Then I might help my mum and uncle do the shopping. I know that I have to go to my youth group because one of the people there needs me to take pictures of the youth group for a newsletter type thing and a bulletin board. It will be interesting to see how the photographs turn out but until tomorrow. 

A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Wow I love what you've done with your blog!

    Sorry I've been absent for so long. I've barely had time to read blogs at all. I'll try to get caught up as soon as possible.

    On the driving practice are you learning to drive a standard? I've been practicing driving a standard, but just haven't had much time for it. I feel so uncoordinated with it like I can't get the timing with my hands and feet together lol.

  2. Thank you!

    Yeah I am driving Standard (manual here in the uk) I was struggling with finding some gears but now im driving everyday I'm not doing to bad, it's defo something you need to get used to.

    Thanks for commenting :)


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