One more day of school

Thursday, 16 May 2013
Only one more day of school and two exams.  This year has gone so fast it seems like it has been ten minutes since I was filling in application forms and deciding what university that I wanted to go to. Now im planning how to get the best grades to make sure I am accepted to uni. People say that as you get older time passes quicker. 

Tomorrow is my last day ever at school. Tonight i put my false nails on so writing this post is taking forever but I love them they are the same colour as my dress and they sparkle so I love this. Tomorrow I will be in school for three hours in the morning then I will come home and go to the hair dressers. I don't know how long I will be at the hair dressers for as I am having my hair cut, washed and dried then I am having it pinned and curled. Then when I get home Evie should be at mine, shell then do my make up and I might do her make up I don't know we will wait and see. Then on the evening I go back to school to get some year photos but also to get some group photo with a couple of my mates. we then go to pride park for a meal and some presentations then it will be time to turn the music up and party! It's going to be a good but very tiring day. 

Saturday I get to see Gatsby again. I will have the lessons to myself because Jaimie-Leigh has to revise for her exams something that I will be doing a lot of over the next few weeks. Now I need am early night as tomorrow is going to be a really long day. 

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