One very sleepy girl

Today has been another long day, I really want to post but to be honest I really do not have the energy.I have not slept much in the past 24 hours, so if I tried writing a long detailed blog post it more than likely would not make sense. 

Today was the dressage clinic ans then it was pony club fiona, Elaine and I all rode Gatsby today and it was amazing to see the difference in Gatsby when other people were riding him. I really want to go I. To details about what I did, but that won't be tonight, so y'all have to wait until tomorrow. 

Hopefully tonight I will actually actually make it to my room and to my bed but who knows, the next 24-48 hours are going to be incredibly long. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. I can't wait to read about it, but I hope you get some sleep first!


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