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Sunday, 19 May 2013
So much fun recently yesterday I had a great ride on Gatsby and see generally fun day at the stables when I first got there fiona asked if I was going to the workshop on leg yielding and shoulder in that afternoon. I said that I would like to and fiona and Elaine said that if I wanted to i could stay and help for the afternoon.

My ride on Gatsby was amazing I love it. I spent half an hour grooming Gatsby. When I got on he seemed quite lazy to start with so I decided to carry a crop in the walk he was dropping nicely in to the outline he was really stepping under the with his hind leg. We moved on to the trot and did some trot poles he was really stepping under himself ans he was really floaty he felt amazing. We quickly moved on to the canter to start with I wasn't using enough leg so I wasn't getting anything other than a fancy faster trot. I then decided that I was going to ask for the canter and mean it and boy was the change in him amazing. We git quicker smoother transitions that were nice to ride and I was better at keeping him going. We did an exercise where fiona shouted out when she wanted me to trot and canter to start with she would say between two markers then as I was getting quicker better transitions she started shouting when to change at a specific marker. The final one that we did was canter at E trot at A canter at B and trot again at C it was tiring and hard work but I enjoyed it. We then went back to trot went over the poles picked up canter and went large. To end with we did walk to canter transitions we then had two canter poles set up with one stride inbetween the two. The first time Gatsby jumped the pole and I became really unbalanced the second time I was expecting up and was really able to work with him and not against him and towards the end I was counting strides and using my jump seat to become more balanced over the poles. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to be able to start jumping Gatsby again it is going to be so much fun. I can't wait.

I then had my lunch, and went to watch one of the lessons half way through we had to switch horses because Daisy who is a new horse there started throwing in books and was becoming really grumpy.  At one point she turned her back to Fiona and was attempting to kick her. Whether she stays or now will be interesting to see. I then helped Elaine to hang the hay nets for fionas horses and put Gatsby away after his last lesson. I put his and Rosie's rug on and helped Kelly to feed the horses. I then got to turn out with Elaine and sort out skipping out stables and putting the hay nets up. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it.

The workshop in the afternoon was great. We got to see fiona ride her horse Vettie who is a grand prix level horse. To start with she showed us the shoulder in the was really easy to see how she makes the movements to get Vettie to move. She also showed us the difference between half pass and leg yielding. Something that Gatsby and I can often get mixed up. It was amazing to see how just the most subtle movement can change what you are doing. We also got to see the more extended canter and trot it looked amazing.  He was so floaty and gorgeous. the most important thing that I learnt was how important my stomach muscles are and that while for so long I can use other muscles instead of my stomach muscles it is more important that I use my stomach muscles. So I am going to work really hard to strengthen my stomach muscles.

Tomorrow I am going out with Dean and sue then in the evening I have got pony club I can not wait it is going to be amazing. More pony time!! I love spending time with horses. Which leads me to what could be a new change. Now that I have left school fiona has said that I am more than welcome to stay and help. Also that I might be able to ride Gatsby more which in the long run will definitely help me to strengthen muscles but also to keep more consistent. which in this sport is so important. I also might be able to hack out Gatsby. I am so excited at what they futures hold.

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