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Monday, 13 May 2013
An action packed day today, this morning I had an interview at the university, because of my long term chronic pain I am entitled to disability students allowance. So I had to have an interview for it the only downside was that the interview lasted two hours. I drove there and my mum drove my car home then she came back to get me at the end of the interview. The person who was asking the questions was really nice because she made things very informal it was like having a chat with somebody. She had to ask all about my stomach and what I've done to help keep my stomach pain down but to keep studying to my maximum capabilities. In the end we came up with a really good plan the first thing that we have put in to plan are, for my lectures and seminars I will have a digital verse record so that I can record things ans play them back to myself this is something that I think will be really helpful, to go with this is a computer software called inspiration. This software is good for plotting photo shoots and essays. I can create my mind maps, spider diagrams etc and add my photographs to them as well as voice notes from the lectures. I also will get a programme that is to help with proof reading and things like this. The programme will read to you what you have typed and do loads of other really clever thinsg for for example if you highlight something and click search it will open up an Internet Web Page. The icing on the cake is that I will also be getting as long as it is approved an apple I mac. This is all really exciting things at the minute.  

I then drove my sister and nephew back to my house and just chilled at home for a bit. The it was time for my first ponyclub meeting. We are working on the grooming badge so keep got to spend an hour grooming Gatsby and really making him shine I loved it and I also got to make him glitter this was because Elaine had got a tube of glitter to use on the horses. It was so fun. We then did a quiz at the end and Jaimie Leigh and I got all the questions right. I got to turn Gatsby out and because I had spent ages grooming him the first thing that he did was run around and roll in the dirt.

I'm going to end this post with some pictures because I'm feeling really tired so tomorrow i will go in to more detail about how pony club went with the lovely Gatsby. 

As promised pictures of my drive and where I have to park on the picture below you can see what I mean about it being a tight space to park in. It is really difficult. 

You can just see a tiny part of my car hiding behind the hedge out of all of us inbthe house I have the hardest place to park in 

lastly one very shiny Gatsby 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Ruffles said...:

    Yay for your first pony club day :-) Gatsby looks super!!

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